CCTV Monitoring

The most advanced surveillance cameras for your security.

Do you need 24/7 eyes on your business or home? With our CCTV you can,

  • Deter Crime
  • Monitor suspicious activities
  • Collect Evidence
  • Make informed decisions 
  • Keep surveillance records 

CCTV security systems will help you keep an eye out for your home or business when you’re not around. 

Why choose CCTV with Citadel?

  • Stay aware of any activities occurring at your property 
  • Affordable and customized solutions to meet security specifications including new technologies like forensic-grade CCTV camera system 
  • Installed by our licensed and trained professionals
  • Resolve incidences faster with easy to access CCTV evidence

Whether it is residential or commercial use, we have a CCTV solution that best suits you and your needs.