CCTV Monitoring

We offer the most advanced surveillance cameras for your security.

Our CCTV security systems can help you keep an eye on kids when you are at work and notice deceitful accountability claims and live a relaxed life. Citadel Security strives to provide an affordable and customized home CCTV systems within reach of the average family. Surveillance cameras are professionally installed by our qualified technical team.

We custom build a CCTV camera system solution to meet security specifications and requirements for business and homeowners. With the emergence of new technologies, we provide forensic-grade CCTV camera system installation by our licensed and trained professionals. 

For Home

Family matters the most in your life and so as its security. If you are looking for a security system to protect them while you are sleeping at night or away from them, our home surveillance cameras are the best solution for you. If you’re seeking home security systems, we can help you protect your family with our residential CCTV security systems installation.

For Business

For a business owner, his shop is his bread and butter. Protect your shop with our surveillance camera installation service that will help you monitor and protect from dangerous unwanted visitors. If you’re just seeking a complete CCTV security system, contact Citadel which is a security services company in Victoria, Australia and offers affordable home security systems. 

Let us find out why it is a great idea behind residential security camera installation at your business premises and residential buildings. The sight of installed cameras act as a deterrent to criminals carrying out any illegal activities within that area. CCTV security system tracks what’s happening at your business site and keep you informed about the activities going on. After an unfortunate event in your building, the CCTV camera system does make it easier to solve crime cases easily by giving additional evidence.

Some advantages of CCTV installation are:

  •         Crime Deterrent
  •         Monitors activities
  •         Collect Evidence
  •         Decision Making
  •         Keep Records

Citadel Security also provides event security guards services to prevent hazards in professional or public events thereby ensuring the safety of the public.