Security Officers

Protect your assets and minimise stress by engaging our security officers to get the job done and communicate well.

‘Dedicated 24/7 support to ensure the safety and security of clients’

Our security Guard and Officers services can provide up to 24/7 support with dedicated security to ensure the safety and security of you and your guests, while offering a welcoming and safe environment. 

Security Guard and Officer Services

  • Guard access gatehouse, asset protection, and screening
  • Mobile patrols and alarm responses
  • Control room (alarm monitoring, video surveillance)
  • Covert loss prevention
  • Drug & alcohol screening
  • Traffic control (traffic & kerbside management)
  • Emergency response (First Aid, rescue, medics)
  • Guards go through thorough background checks and must meet current requirements for training and licensing
  • Mobile security patrol services for manufacturing units, hospitals, airports, and crime-prevention in risk-prone areas.
  • Monitoring and inspecting buildings, security checks and more for clients with regular reporting
  • Event security guards services to prevent hazards and ensure the safety of the public.
  • Concierge and customer service

Our security team are trained and skilled in handling Building Management Systems, CCTV and Fire Safety Panels through active sense of observation, detection, and reporting.

We have the highest quality team of security personnel in Melbourne that is responsible for both Private and Public clients.