Mobile Patrol

Highly competitive 24/7 active Mobile Patrol Services, to small and medium-sized businesses around Australia.

Does your Building, Facility or school campus need to ensure proper closure of exterior doors, entrances, inspection of all access points, or report suspicious behavior?

Transporting secure goods from one location to another? Our team is highly trained to transport valuable equipment, inventories or raw materials

What we offer

  • Comprehensive property searches
  • Check and maintain security systems
  • Proper implementation of fire security protocols
  • Cleanup of hazardous substances on site
  • Prevent any loss of valuable inventory from the premise
  • Write interim and extensive incident reports
  • Security of transporting goods safely from A to B. 
  • Provide CCTV Security System Services for all scale businesses with 24/7 monitoring. 
  • Exterior Patrols: proper closure of exterior doors and entrances, inspection of all access points, and stay alert for suspicious behavior 
  • Interior Patrols: all suites and mechanical doors are secure, interior lighting is proper, stay alert for damage or intrusion.

Citadel Patrol Vehicle 

Our Patrol Vehicle fleet is fully armed with modern communication capabilities along with GPS navigation systems, and will check for abnormal activities of any kind.