Why Us?

We know how to help keep you safe, secure and comfortable.

Why choose Citadel?

Simple. We’re big enough to count, small enough to care. We are an Australian company based in Melbourne and have extensive experience working with major key players within the security industry.

We believe in excellent customer service; therefore, we provide our staff with regular training and follow OHS with high priority. We provide real-time reporting that’s backed up with photographic evidence, plus GPS tracking of patrols to pinpoint accuracy.

We use the industry-leading technology platform that provides our clients with end to end solution and superior outcomes.

How we work

Every client and site is different. This is why we provide customised and award-winning security services to meet each client’s requirements to ensure everyone’s safety.

To top it off, we maintain excellent service through ongoing training programs at each level so you can experience the best from Citadel.