Concierge Services

Concierge security is an escalation help desk and one of the support levels in the security services.

The most essential part of concierge security is the appearance of guards and professional customer service. Our concierge security officers have a professional customer service attitude which manages the arrival and departure of the guests at building passages and create a pleasant corporate environment. 

Concierge security staff supervise special deliveries and are trained to monitor the surveillance cameras. The officers regulate visitor parking and respond to fire and other emergency alarms. They patrol common areas, including parking and amenities within the building campus. Also, they keep records of daily shift reports and incident reports to log all common area problems and other unusual occurrences. Contact us now to figure out how we can tailor a concierge service for your organization.

Hire our concierge security services to create a risk-free corporate environment with proper planning and monitoring to quickly react to security threats. 

Our professional concierge security services will make your experience a safe and secure environment without any rise of issues. As security is a top priority, our concierge security guards will be the host for your residents, hotel, corporate office, resort, and other risk-prone buildings to collect relevant information, security checks, interviewing visitors, and directing guests to their designated areas. Citadel Security also provides personal concierge services for government officials, corporations, celebrities, CEOs and other professionals to ensure safety with proactive measures. We also provide security officers services in Australia to ensure the safety of great personalities, the staff at renowned corporate buildings with time-to-time observation.

Some of the Concierge Security staff duties include:

  • Greet tenants and guests.
  • Onsite CCTV monitoring.
  • Supervision of deliveries.
  • Incident Reporting.
  • Sign on and off of keys & key holding.
  • Sign on and off of building passes.
  • Attend to all building emergencies.
  • Provide access to contractors.
  • Minimize noise throughout the premises.
  • Provide visitor parking to guests.