We work closely with you to provide high quality, tailored services that meet each client’s unique scope requirements.

Tailored Services to your needs

Are you seeking an experienced security service provider for your private facility, commercial property, campus security, public event or hotel facility?

Citadel Security provides security guard services, mobile patrol services, CCTV, Alarm Monitoring, security for special event venues, and Armed Guard services.

We can tailor our services for our clients individual needs across a wide range of sectors: Industrial Sites, Hospitals, Government Sites, Car Parks, Body Corporate sites, Tender work, Retail centres, Education sector.

The best Prevention against Crime

Simply having a security guard present is a great deterrent to crime. 

  1. They Deter Crimes at Workplace
  2. Provide a sense of security
  3. Security issues dealt with efficiently

“Our staff are reliable, capable, communicative and caring”

Citadel Security Provides Security Guard Services For One Or More Of The Following Purposes:

  • Guard entrances and screen visitors
  • Deter crime with visual presence
  • Eject unwanted customers or trespassers
  • Liaison with police and other city emergency responders
  • Monitor premises with advanced video surveillance equipment
  • Respond in the case of fire, health or other emergencies

Our Certifications

At Citadel, we guarantee our staff will be appropriately qualified, trained and experienced for their role. Our certifications include:

  • We are a Member of ASIAL  (Australian Security Industry Association Limited)
  • We are an ISO Certified Company.
  • Our Private Security Business License/Victoria Australia/ No: 902-417-80S
  • We are CM3 Qualified.