Technology has come a long way, and the security industry have more to gain from the latest technology to keep people even safer. One of the most popular security programs that are currently booming across the world is Facial recognition. But how exactly does Facial Recognition work to increase security? And are there any potential dangers of relying on this technology? Continue reading to find out! 

What is Facial Recognition? 

Facial recognition is a biometric technology that scans a person’s face in real life, photograph, or video and looks for distinguishable features. It verifies a person’s identity using their facial features and then compares it to a database of faces that are known until it can search and find the match. 

How does it work? 

  1. Detection of Face: It is the first step in verifying and locating human facial features in images and videos. 
  2. Capturing Face: Turns analogue information into digital information based on the person’s facial features. 
  3. Face Match: Verifies if faces found in data matches the face and belong to the same person. 

How does it increase security? 

The traditional form of security was locks, and then thanks to technology, we had passwords and passcodes. But since the wave of Covid-19 hit the world, everyone has become very cautious of hygiene. So, passwords and passcode security systems need people to physically touch and enter the pin, which is not the best option, especially during a pandemic. Facial recognition technology is touchless, making the software safer for security purposes. 

When we talk about purely safety reasons, the passcodes or passwords can be guessed and easy to get through, whereas facial recognition software would need the person to be there to have access. 

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